Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Small Changes

Glad we've got all the admin over and I can get into some product lovings. To start with, three really simple things that I've changed about my routine recently. They're deceptively simple, for the effect they've had on my skin. I'll run through them quickly, and give details about specific products at the bottom of this post.

1. Got Organised
I was getting sick of knocking over my products stacked on my sink, but I never used them if they were in my cabinet. Firstly I bought a basket and filled it with all my daily products. I added a headband because I'm extremely lazy and some face washers. There's nothing like a basket of clean white face cloths to make your bathroom feel a bit more like a hotel room!

 I treated myself to a cheerful little dish for small things that get lost- hair ties, tweezers, contact lenses, samples, then put all my cotton products in a glass jar. The only thing left on the bench is my cleanser because it's just massive.

Now whenever I get out of bed they're looking at me, well presented, organised, ready to go which means no excuses.

2. Stopped washing my face in the shower
I've got to credit Caroline Hirons for this, she's absolutely right. The shower water is far too hot (especially in winter) to be putting your face under, plus there's all sorts of shampoos and other products going on in there, not to mention the hard water pressure I'm fond of.

Face wash is now a separate step for me, twice a day, regardless of when I shower.

3. Less is more
Previously I'd use a lot, a lot of product, I subscribed to the some is good-more is better theory, plus my skin was quite dehydrated, so whatever went on was instantly sucked up.

Pea sized
Firstly, pay attention when you pump. Ideally you want a pea-sized amount of serum, and a 20 cent coin of moisturiser. Remember, you can always get a little more, so it pays to be mindful instead of splooshing product out with gay abandon.

Kind of a 20cent coin, if you squint. 

Secondly, layer your products on a slightly damp face, it will allow them to go further and give you a bit more to work with as you're massaging them, then you'll naturally begin to use less product.

So that's my three, get organised, external face wash and use less product. Might seem like a fairly inauspicious way to start blogging, but they've been extremely useful little gems, which is what I'm all about here at Spackle.

 Product round up
- Basket about $10 from Howard's Storage World- I can't see the exact one on the website, but they have a great range. 
- I'll do a daily routines post outlining all these products and the order I use them in soon
- I bought a white 'facial headband' from eBay because I wanted one with velcro, but anything will do
- I've got a combination of soft bamboo cloths (also eBay) and these ones from Mecca which have a bit more grunt, most importantly I bought heaps so I'm not inclined to use grotty old ones.  
- I'm wearing Tom Ford nail-polish in Ginger Fire- it's about three days old but has worn pretty well. 

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