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Why this blog? 

In a fit of Gen Y paranoia, I decided that my 25th birthday was the time to get serious about skincare. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a beauty blog that fulfilled all my criteria, I was looking for

- Clear advice, backed by solid levels of research
- A reasonable price range, ideally from someone who buys the products themselves.
- Seemingly unbiased reviews (a range of brands and products, not one 'partnership brand') 
- Australian products, or products available in Australia, referred to in the Australian price.
- Skincare for a younger audience, while there are terrific women out there doing the older set, I was hoping for something more relevant to the 20/30 window. 

I've found four or five blogs that offer one of those elements, and then spent the last six months piecing them together. I'm pretty proud of what I've got, which is a whole new vocabulary and a basket full of beauty supplies, so I figured I may as well share. 

Let's think of this site as a superficial safe space, where we can all be as shallow and product obsessed as we'd like, then go about our lives like nothing happened, but with much better skin.  

Why Spackle- On?
To stop me from taking myself too seriously, I decided to go with a name that's a bit tongue-in-cheek.In case you're not au fait with my dad humour, to spackle on is to trowel on levels of substance, like a builder or cement layer would. 

Obviously that's not the goal here, if anything I'll be talking about products to you so you don't have to spackle the make-up on in the morning.

That said, a bit of brevity never hurt anyone, after all, we're getting rid of wrinkles and pimples, not curing cancer. 

Why me?
Pretty simple, I'm obsessed with product

While people around me browse clothing or food, I read lists of ingredients and press releases. 

I work in a fairly conservative industry, and have honed some badass research skills, which I've turned to my quest for quality, affordable skincare.

I wanted to know when to splurge, and when not to, what ingredients were gold, and which ones I should avoid. Lots of research later, I can speak for hours about product, it's just a shame my friends don't want to hear it.

(Excuse the personal question, but) What's your skin like?

My skin can be sensitive, especially to fragrance, and is somewhat prone to hormonal spots. Note, spots not the same thing as acne or oily skin, if you're unsure, Caroline Hirons does a great summary of what acne is and is not. Actually my skin is quite dry/sensitive. Always remember that what works for me may not work for you, but I'll try to lay all the facts out there so you can make your own decisions.

Is that all? 
In case you needed any further proof of my completely pathetic product obsession, I leave you with four photos, just sitting on my phone, which show me either blatantly obsessing over a product or pathetically manoeuvring a prop to show one off.

Lest you get judgy, it's a beauty site, you will benefit from this level of obsession.

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