Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Funnies- My Best Beauty Hacks

Happy Friday Friends!

Wouldn't be Friday without my only-somewhat-funnies so I've got a joke all ready to go, and five beauty hacks, just so this post isn't completely useless.

These are a range of weird and wonderful tricks I've developed which I'm quite proud of. Some save you time, some save you money, some may not do anything, but at least you'll feel smug to be doing something differently to everyone else!


1. Redeemables

Yes, I know I just made that word up, but I promise this tip is worth mangling the English language for. Basically, a lot of makeup counters or stores offer makeup application for a price that is redeemable on product.

Therefore, if you're going to be buying the product anyway (ie need a new concealer, lipstick etc) why not schedule a makeup application if you have a big event coming up? That way, you get to try out a few new products, and have your makeup done by someone who can actually make sense of the Kevin Aucoin graphic above. Plus, it's money you were spending anyway. Win win!

2. Eyes

So you've come home from a big night, and your eyes are looking shocking. If you're anything like me, you'll get to them eventually but first you've got to get changed, have a shower etc etc.

To get things moving, I smear a few fingertips of a hydrating product across my eyes. Favourites are Coconut Oil, Body Shop Camomile Balm or any kind of eye moisturiser or oil (I've even been known to use my Ren Rose O12 even though thats a shameful waste of a beautiful product!)

I find that this starts to soften my eye makeup, and moisturise my eye area, if I hop into a steamy shower. Then, there's more movement and slip waiting for me, when I'm ready to take the eye makeup off. Think of it as a little head start on the war against panda eyes!


3. Ingrowns

Oh the bane of my life! Nothing like spending a whole lot of money on waxing, only to wake up bumpy and uncomfortable.

Pro tip for these, use your exfoliating pads. Just like on your face, the acids will encourage the skin to renew and re-shed, plus it will remove any bacteria in your current ingrowns.

Also, it's easy to remember to swipe a pad after you've used it on your face, compared to other ingrown products which I often spend too much money on, then forget to use consistently.


4. Sharing is Caring

Don't you hate it when a beauty item you need is only on special if you buy two, or spend over a certain amount?

I get around this problem with a well stocked present cupboard, so I can buy two of the same product, one for me, one for my friend's next birthday/Christmas. Not only does it save you money (and stop you from buying yourself things you don't needs just to push up the price) it's a really, really lovely thing to give your friend a product you absolutely adore.

Just be sure to keep all your products in a same place (I also have a list going in a note on my phone) so you don't double up for the same friend. Obviously ridiculous wrapping station optional (my 'cupboard' is currently just a shoe box in my normal cupboard).


5. Night-Before-Spray
I am a lover of dry shampoo, but I do find it can be hard to disperse properly, without spending a lot of time massaging through, which makes you think it might have been just as worthwhile to wash your hair.

Luckily, I've managed to find an easier way to buy an extra day of clean hair. I wish I could take credit, but it was completely accidental, I knew I had to wash my hair, but I was just far too tired, so I figured I'd dry shampoo quickly before bed, just to get a head start. I woke up, and couldn't believe how well my sleep-movements had dispersed the shampoo through my hair, amazing!

If you think your hair is going to look bad in the morning, but you're just falling into bed cannot be bothered, spray it with dry shampoo before you go to sleep in the morning, the shampoo will have dispersed properly and you'll be giving a great impression of someone with clean hair!

That's almost all from me, would love to hear your best beauty hacks, but first, it wouldnt be a Friday Funny without a joke...

What's a cheese's favourite genre of music?


Happy weekend guys, see you Monday xxx

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