Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3 of the BEST Lipbalms! Mecca Lip De Luscious, Go to Skincare, Burts Bees

Oof. Somehow I’ve picked up a doozy of a cold in the first few days of Spring, and my mind is encased in a fuzzy grey cloud. So, a quick and fun roundup that won’t require too much thinking- my 3 favourite lip balms.

I’m a person who is prone to dry lips, which is extremely unfortunate given my love of lipstick. Since my pre-teen lipsmacker days, I’ve tried almost everything you can whack on your lips, and I’ve now got some solid favourites, and one rule of thumb when trying new things. 

My big rule is…..

Natural ingredients- I’ve learnt the hard way (those infamous red tubes) that products full of petroleum jelly will just give you a slick looking lip, then fade away to nothing.
To prevent a life with my fingers in my mouth re-applying, I’ve gotten good at looking at ingredient lists to make sure the key ingredients of my lipbalms are natural, and will do my lips some good. Basically, if I can’t recognize the ingredient names, I’m not so keen. My favourites are beeswax, lanolin (very natural- from sheep!) and the butters- shea butter, cocoa butter etc.
It’s more expensive to create a balm with proper, hydrating ingredients, so you might pay a little more, but the long term effects are worth it, when you use a product that actually hydrates your lips, instead of sliding around on top of them.

And now for my favourites!*

The high-achiever
Mecca Cosmetica Lip De- Luscious ($28 from here)

This is my holy grail of lip balms. It’s quite concentrated and a little bit sticky, which can be annoying when you’re swiping it out of the tub, but aside from that, pure perfection, not to mention they've just upgraded it to classy new packaging. 
-          Terrific pink colour, soft and natural looking, but with a gentle shine
-          SPF 25- important! Lips need sunscreen too!
-          Long lasting- this is the trade off for stickiness, I’d rather have a thicker, stickier balm             than one which disappears instantly. This balm does not budge, and I love that.
-          Yummy vanilla/marshmallow scent.

The pretty one with surprising substance
Go-To Skincare- Lips ($15 from here.)

A newcomer to my stash, but fast becoming a favourite, it’s thinner than the others, and doesn’t have quite the same staying power, but is extremely nourishing. This has the look of a gloss (which I really like) but actually hydrates and cares for your lips. A win-win!
-          Clear glossy consistency
-          Delicious fruity scent
-          Easy to apply (straight on your lips! No digging your grubby fingers in a pot)
-          Over time will actually improve your lips, instead of just sliding over them- unusual for such a slippery glossy product.

The go-everywhere-gal
Burts Bees Beeswax Balm   (around $7 at most chemists, supermarkets or online)

There are a lot of different Bees, I'm a fan of their tinted lip shimmers or balms, and they do some great treatments, but my go to is the classic Beeswax Balm.
I love this one for it’s tingly aromatheraputic feeling, there’s a great little peppermint oil buzz I get when I pop it on my lips, which feels quite medicinal, great for when my lips are in need of a bit of repair.
-          Beeswax base means it stays on for a long time, without getting sticky
-          Comes in two convenient packages-  I like the original vintage little pot by my bedside,             and a stick for on the go, in my car, pockets or handbag. 
-          No animal testing, and very natural ingredients
-          Will soften and improve the look and feeling of your lips, almost instantly.

To conclude, because it's been a long day, and I'm typing the last sniffly lines of this in bed, I can heartily endorse all three products, and I promise your lips will thank you (and me) 

Bon nuit xoxo

* All images from the linked sites. 

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