Thursday, October 2, 2014

Friday Funnies- Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Review

Finally kicking that cold thanks to lots of herbal teas and some quality down time, I've found myself in some very deep corners of Youtube this week!

Onward and upward to Friday Funny, it's the much publicised Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. I bought this initially when I was swimming a lot for exercise. Changing from normal gym to swimming, means I was constantly running late in the mornings, and I was desperate to streamline my routine.

While I was streamlining, I was also focussed on moisturising, because my poor skin was hating the regular chlorination, so Nivea's product seemed absolutely perfect. I bought the rich type, given I was applying it to cholorinated skin, I wanted as much moisture as possible. 

It's a think white lotion, with that typically 'Nivea smell'. It's a clean smell, not at all herbal or floral. 

Nice and easy to use, squeeze it out of the bottle, and apply like a moisturiser, I did arms and legs only, as I didn't think it was sensitive/gentle enough for my neck/face/chest area. 
I like that they call it a Skin Conditioner, because that's exactly the process and procedure for using it. You put it on like a conditioner, then step out of the shower so it can soak in a bit. 

When you rinse it off, it's the same kind of silky smooth feel your hair gets when you rinse off a conditioner, which is quite nice. When you step out and dry off, your skin does feel softer. 

That sensation doesn't last for long, so I wouldn't consider this  a great moisturiser. But if it's the difference between not having time to moisturise at all, and putting something on arms and legs, I think it's worthwhile.

Also I can absolutely second the warning that you need to watch for it on the ground. This product is slippery and if you drop some in the shower and don't notice, you'll be in strife. 

The ingredients are not for senstive skin, the chemicals which make it work in the shower are not particularly gentle, so I'd really recommend for arms and legs only, and only when you're in a big rush. 

Overall, it's probably worth buying if you've got dry skin and very little time, although most days (now I've stopped swimming) I will just get out of the shower and use a more high quality product. That said, it's not terribly expensive at $7.99 for 400ml and there are a few different scents/variations which have hit the market, so I'd say it's worth having on hand for frantic moments. 

Aaaaand now, the moment you've all been waiting for, today's joke! 

Q: What did the duck say when he bought a lipstick?

A: Put it on my bill!

Happy weekend! 

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