Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Funny- DIY Rose Face Mask

Last night I had a dream, I was the muffler on my car.

We kept on driving around and around

When I woke up, I was exhausted!

Welcome to Friday Funny, I couldn't resist starting with that one first, if only to make the rest of the post look good by comparison!

Last night, because I was knackered and looking for any way to get out of the enormous amount of work looming over me, I decided to try a DIY Facemask. I've seen these everywhere on Pinterest, but I wasn't sure which one to try. Fortunately, I remembered that the roses my Grandfather gave me from his garden were looking a little sad and sorry for themselves.

Ok so more than a little- but they were from my Grandpa! And they still smell amazing! With that in mind, I choose a Rose Face Mask figuring that at the very least, I'd find a use for my old flowers

Mmmmm, I love these big old-school roses. Big inhalation.

I keenly collected all my ingredients from the cupboard and fridge, soaked my rose petals (although the recipe didn't say how long for, this vagueness should have tipped me off, but it didn't. )

Things began to go further downhill when I cut up my petals and added the other ingredients. Although I followed the recipe exactly, things were looking a little.... runny. 

Perhaps I didn't use thick enough yoghurt? Although all the recipe asked for was natural yoghurt. Either way, things were looking pretty grim. 

Because I had nothing better to do, and I'd come this far already, I soldiered on.

Let me tell you now, you haven't lived until you've stood over your sink, covered in yoghurt, desperately trying to get rose petals to stick to your face. 

I ended up pouring the liquid over my face, then dabbing on the rose petals. By this stage, I couldn't stop giggling, DIY face-mask could not have gone much worse. 

After I'd washed it all off, I actually noticed that my skin was softer than usual, so all was not lost.

But then I became too .busy erasing all drips of yoghurt from my tiles, that stuff went everywhere, to appreciate my soft skin. 

Remains of the evening, a sink full of rose-petals, and a lingering smell. Looks like a proposal gone very wrong, but I had fun. Overall though, would not recommend. 

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