Monday, August 25, 2014

Daily Routine (Clean, Treat, Moisturise)

Before I get into some serious product reviews, I'm going to quickly run through my routine. I won't list any specific products here- just the basic steps and what kind of product I use when.

When I was researching routines I initially got quite confused about which order to use products in.

I had a breakthrough when I realised I could group products into 3 categories- clean, treat, moisturise. 

By sticking to that classification and that order, I've managed to bring in a range of new products, and stay on top of when to use them based on whether they clean, treat or moisturise.

To make this blog easier to read, I'll be splitting all skincare products into those three categories. I find it's easier to both stick to a routine, and also to know when to buy of something if you think in terms of categories, not individual products. I've got a slightly different routine for morning and evening, so will list both with the help of some cute Disney gifs.


1. Clean 
- Headband on, and make sure I've got a clean cloth ready
- Run the water quickly to make sure it's hot to touch, but not so hot I can't put my hand underneath it
- Massage a very gentle cleanser onto dry skin, then dip my fingertips back in the water, so I can create a bit more of a lather* in my massage.
- Run my cloth under hot water, and wring it out, place it over my face and let the steam soak in for a quick moment, before gently wiping the cleanser off. I usually repeat this step twice or three times, mainly because I love the feeling of a hot cloth on my face.

2. Treat
- I quickly spritz with what used to be known as toner but is really a hydrating mist, this step is mainly for the nice smell and refreshing feeling.

- Serum- I tend to use a cheaper serum that's more hydrating and general antioxidants than targeted treatment, mainly because I assume it will cop a bit of wear-and-tear during the day, and not have as much chance to be effective.

3. Moisturise
- I like to layer a light moisturiser, and then an SPF product (if it's sunny).

I think moisturisers with SPF do neither job particularly well. They'll often only contain a low level SPF (usually15) but then they don't moisturise as well either, because the main ingredients are SPF related. Also, because my skin can be a bit sensitive, I like to put a layer of moisturiser between skin and SPF so I'll use separate products for each.

After this I'll layer makeup, or head out as is. 


1. Clean 
- Remove any heavy eye makeup- I soak two round cotton pads in eye makeup remover and place them on my eyes. Leave them there, applying a bit of pressure for a minute or two, then gently wipe off. The idea is that there's no rubbing or excessive wiping on the gentle skin around your eyes. If I'm wearing very bold lipstick I'll also wipe a pad with remover along my lips.

Note: This is just a first step to get major gunk off, and stop black lines or lipstick going on my wash-cloths. Not all the makeup needs to come off at this stage, just the most heavy duty layer.

If no makeup, or just standard, daily makeup- start clean here. 
- Cleansing balm- a deeper, more moisturising clean that the cleansing liquid I use in the morning, again I start on dry skin, then slowly incorporate wet fingertips so I can do a little massage and lift of all the grime, SPF and makeup from the day.
- Take balm off using hot cloth technique.

- Second cleanse- using cleanser. I only do this step if I've been wearing makeup or SPF, as a final step to get every last particle off my face. I use a face cloth to take it off in the same way.

- 2-3 times per week I exfoliate using acid based exfoliant pads, to make sure all my dead skin cells are cleared off, and my skin is replenishing nicely.

2. Treat
- Firstly I gently dot an eye cream around my eyes, as if I don't do it now, my eyes will soak in the serum and general moisturisers instead, and any eye-cream I apply will be wasted.

- Serum- here I can get a bit more heavy duty. I tend to rotate through depending on my skin concern. Typically in my basket I'll have a general mid-range antioxidant serum, a moisturising oil-based serum and some kind of treatment serum (my treatment focus at the moment is to even skin tone, but more on that later) and choose based on my skin condition.

- I'll also apply any pimple treatment products at this stage if necessary (on clean, dry skin, under the serum).

3. Moisturise
- I'll usually rotate through a stronger, anti-aging moisturiser, and a more general hydrating night cream which I massage into my face, and down my neck and decolletage.

-Some kind of moisturising lip treatment from the stash by my bed

And then it's goodnight, sweet, product scented dreams. 

*when I say lather I don't mean foam- nothing natural foams or bubbles too much, if you're getting that result you're using something with mad amounts of chemicals, which are doing more harm than good. Here I'm only referring to a sort of milky feeling with a few small bubbles. 

(Disney gif source)

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