Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday Funnies- Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Starting a little bit of a series for this blog, Friday Funnies where I'll look at new concepts, weird and wonderful tricks and tips or , novelty or kind of unusual products. 

And I'll possibly tell a joke too.

First up, Mint Julips from Lush. 

They've got these lip scrubs in a range of flavours (Bubblegum, Popcorn) but I don't really like my beauty products to smell like food? Weird quirk, I don't mind a fruity scent or vanilla, but bubblegum or popcorn scent doesn't do it for me. So I compromised on mint which isn't too food-ie. 
It's a lip scrub, which means it's designed to buff away little rough bits from your lips, so they're nice and smooth afterwards. You did need to follow up with a lip balm, as this is strictly scrub only. 

Comes in a cute little pot, but things get a tiny bit dicey when the lid is open- sugar everywhere! This got much easier the more I used it, but at first I did need to be very careful not to spill. 

It's a pretty straight-forward idea, sugar buffs the rough bits off your lips, while essential oils (peppermint and jojoba) soothe them. These simple ingredients mean that tons of people have reviewed this product saying they could easily make it themselves.

Yep, you probably could. But would you? 
And, with the buying the oils and packaging it for taking in your handbag and not making a mess, would it be worth saving the $10? 

Not for me. 

Back to the product, scoop a bit out with your finger (again, gets easier the more you use) and scrub it over your lips. 

Smush your lips together, give yourself a little massage and work of any little dry pieces of skin. 

Then, the package suggests you lick the remainder off. I've tried this a few times, and I end up looking like this- sugar everywhere. 

So instead, I've taken to swiping the excess off with a tissue.

That's my biggest drawback with this product, the whole sugar/lick lips thing.

I dont love licking my lips- because saliva is not terribly good for lips. Actually, just double checked whether that was a myth or a fact, and saliva is genuinely bad as a lip-product. It contains enzymes which break down food, and given that your lips are delicate anyway, those enzymes are going to break them down too.

If you can lick only the sugar off, with out salivating all over your lips (or do my little tissue trick), and you don't mind a bit of doughnut-mouth, which is what I've christened the sugar after-effects, this is actually a very useful product.

Short of setting up a whole kitchen in my office, it's the only way I can get the dry bits off my lips without peeling (yuck! ouch!), so I'm ok with it, until I can find a more convenient product.

The verdict? Serves a very specific need, only somewhat well, but I am yet to find a better product.

And now for today's joke! 

I went to the zoo the other day, it was empty, except for a single dog. 

It was a Shiz Zuh.


(please forgive me)

Happy weekend :)

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