Friday, September 26, 2014

Spackle-Stuff- Tom Ford Lipstick

Hello hello and happy weekend,

A special hello to the people who've left lovely comments, emailed, connected with me on twitter or chased me down the street holding pitchforks. The last one might have been a dream, but the rest has been lovely- it's nice to get to know you all and be able to check out your blogs as well! (Plus I've got lots of new things to try now, so thanks, I think)

Given that I've got a few new-er readers I thought I should write a little more about myself, as that's what I'm always curious about when I read other people's blogs. But then I got extremely self conscious! 

So, instead of just throwing facts about myself at you, I'm going to start 'Spackle-Stuff' a series where I talk about one of my most favourite products/beauty items, and in doing so elaborate a bit more about who I am. 

It's not a review, or an 'about me' so to speak, but should be a bit of fun. And, if nothing else, you'll be able to see my face when it's not covered in facemask. 

Couldn't start with anything but the creme de la creme- Tom Ford Lipstick

These are so expensive I almost feel a bit guilty about the size of my collection, almost, but not really, because I truly love them. (L to R Casablanca, Flamingo, Cherry Lush, True Coral, Wild Ginger) 

Let me begin by saying, you will never use a better lipstick. Nothing is as pigmented and creamy, has the staying power but also the perfect finish. I painstakingly use a brush on these babies to preserve them, and, as you can see, a little has gone a very long way. 

My love affair with red lipstick actually began a while before I even met Mr Tom Ford, when I rocked a hardcore Anna Wintour bob, and liked posing on slides. 

I was a ballet dancer for most of my childhood/early teen life, until I was about 17. Starting at 3 meant I had some verrryyy early exposure to drag-queen levels of makeup, and developed a very steady hand with eyeliner, and a life long love affair with false eyelashes.

The first time I wore a red lipstick, I was five years old, and I wore it for my ballet concert. I clearly remember being absolutely enchanted with the way it looked, and the way my face looked. I used to beg my mum to let me wear it casually (looking back, so glad she said no) and idolise other people who did. 

Track forward 15 years, I was a 20 year old uni student, who spent most of my money on fake tan (urgh), ridiculous on-trend clothing and vinyl records. 

So, it was a miracle that I made my way to the Tom Ford counter, much less managed to purchase a quality, timeless classic, like the Cherry Lush lipstick. But I did, and my red-lipstick love rekindled. I had never used such a perfect lipstick, which completely changed my look and made me feel incredibly special and luxurious. 

I wore that lipstick everywhere, and it features in some of my most favourite moments.  This photo particularly is very close to my heart, as it was taken about a week after I started dating my boyfriend. Looking at this I can clearly remember getting ready, and thinking about him, and what he'd think of me all dolled up. Ah, youth. 

Over the years I've added to my collection, and moved away from my safety ned of reds to darker shades (Casablanca is just the most perfect flirty adult lipstick you'll ever have) and fun pinks (a present from a beloved friend) but I've never been disappointed, and always, always had a soft spot for Mr Tom Ford. 

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