Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Funny- Revlon Nail Art in Moon Candy

Today’s Friday Funny is brought to you by both Revlon, Cosmetic Fragrance Direct and the influence of an 8 year old friend.
Over the weekend, my young friend gave me a pre-birthday manicure, which made for some very festive celebration photos, and helped me cling to a bit of immaturity!

Although that polish didn’t have a lot of staying power, I had sparkles on the brain, so was pleasantly surprised to find the Revlon Nail Art bottles seriously reduced at CFDirect. At 4 for $10, I couldn’t resist picking up two, along with two more standard polishes (I’ll admit I was tempted to go hog-wild and buy four bottles of Nail Art). 

After much internal negotiation, I settled on the Moon Candy range, and picked a dark red and pink (230 Supernova) , along with a grey and paler pink (250 Satellite). I quite liked the dark colours, as they seemed to add a sophisticated edge compared to the glitter nail-polish of my youth.

Let’s be honest, this is purely a novelty product. For this reason, I wasn’t expecting a highly developed apparatus,  and found that my suspicions were mainly true: the bottles are smaller, and the brushes are smaller. 

Using the small brush made it trickier to get even coverage, particularly with the glitter. On the other hand, the double-ended screw top is easy to carry and throw in your bag, and you’re getting two polishes in the one cute package.
I chose Satellite which is the grey and pinkish combo for my mini-mani.  You'll notice all the following photos are taken on my very exciting desk, to show just how well these polishes brighten up an otherwise boring office day. 

grey was deep and a bit darker than I expected, although I did have to apply a bit thickly as the small brush was a bit tricky to manoeuvre. 

After the grey undercoat came glitter, which was not lots of tiny sparkles, but rather bigger flake-style glitter pieces. Again there were a few teething issues while applying this. 

I originally struggled to get the glitter flakes off the brush and on my nails. 

By pushing and brushing a bit too vigorously, I actually smudged the undercoat, as you can see in the centre of my thumb here (the faded stripe) 

I eventually mastered a more successful technique, where I gently placed the brush and the sparkles on my nails, instead of vigorously brushing. 

The results were pretty good! Exciting glittery nails, that didn't require a whole swag of products to achieve. 

Sure they're not the most well designed bottles, or the most expertly applied polish (I was being quick to avoid any fume complaints from my neighbours in the open plan) but for a hump-day-treat, a bit of glitter is a winner for me, and, two days on, they're staying put.

Big tick, Revlon Nail Art. 

To finish a nail polish themed joke! 

Where did the nail polish store his wallet?

...... In his laquer! 

These get worse by the week, Happy FRIDAY :)

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